The Kabuki Show debut at: T.H.E. Show at Newport May 30 - June 1

The new Kabuki will be shown with:

• The incomparable tube amplification from Audio Tekne of Tokyo, Japan
• Cabling will be dc10audio's new high-speed pure silver and gold cables with matching interconnects

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About the Kabuki horn loudspeaker

The Kabukis form and aesthetic are inspired by Japanese motifs such as the stylized, unrestrained format of Japanese kabuki theater – truly the Japanese avant-garde.

The Kabuki's form perfectly fits its function. Nothing is superfluous or wasted.

Kabuki Ohaku (Ohaku is the upgraded version) features an exclusive 12-inch full-range driver with an extra-large AlNiCo motor capable of reproducing the most difficult frequency spectrum: mid-bass, mid-range, upper mid-range and beyond with the right scale, weight, and detail that is just not possible with smaller drivers. This one single-source driver is able to operate at a very wide bandwidth nearly distortion-free, with perfect coherence and detail. Frequencies above 8,000 Hz to over 100,000 Hz are augmented by a modified RAAL ribbon tweeter, while frequencies below 300 Hz are provided by a massive 12-inch high-efficiency woofer utilizing our jetted woofer loading system, which sets the woofer slightly back, within an opening smaller than the driver itself. This virtually eliminates off-axis distortion, allowing a minimally interfering crossover, and preserving its speed and efficiency.

With dc10audio’s proprietary horn loading, all drivers utilize the Kabuki’s slotted bass horn, which is extended in height and width by the wooden blades. The rear-mounted dual resonators also benefit from the blades, resulting in increased dynamics, efficiency, and tangibility of sound.

Kabuki-Ohaku is truly a wide-bandwidth high-efficiency loudspeaker with unique innovations – a perfect synthesis of its parts, playing massive coherent sound with gripping detail and live performance dynamics.

Forget what you thought you knew about horn loudspeakers.

In every dc10audio horn loudspeaker is a totally new idea, a completely new execution, and a sonic triumph. dc10audio's unique horn configuration eliminates the common exaggerated sound, “horn honk,” and coloration typically associated with horn loudspeakers, while maintaining the horn’s ability to increase efficiency, greatly improving dynamics and dispersion, and throwing a huge live sound stage as only a horn can.

A dc10audio horn is a multi-function form. The horn contains the tweeter; the horn is also the bass-reflex port, organic amplifier, and waveguide; and it works in unison with the resonator, all at the same time. … Read more

A dc10audio horn loudspeaker is unlike any other loudspeaker made today.

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